VPP black/white printing: new regulation

The Executive Board has decided at its meeting on February 23 that starting spring semester 2010 printing in student rooms (b/w via print release stations) will be subject to a fee. Students will be granted a free limit of 800 pages per semester after which each additional page will cost 5 Rp.
With this measure we hope to halt the excessive use, (with the corresponding ecological and economical price) by a minority of students. Our statistics show that over 70% of students manage with less than 800 pages per term, while the rest use up to 10,000 pages equaling 70% utilization.

Fees will apply starting March 24. Payment will be via the pre-pay system already in use for color printing (https://www.id.ethz.ch/services/list/vpp/prs/index_EN). Your prepay account will be credited with 800 free pages. Please note: The free limit does not apply to color prints. You can check your current credit balance, including all completed transactions, anytime at www.passwort.ethz.ch ->“meine Services -> Credit“. Every weekend before semester start, your account will once again be credited with 800 free pages.

You can charge your account at the VPP counter in HIL C36.1 or in RZ E22. Payment with credit card via Internet should be available by May.

After leaving the ETH (de-registration), your free limit balance expires automatically. Any balance remaining from prepaid credit can be claimed at RZ or HIL for up to five months.

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