SafeIT Security Awareness Campaign 2009

On September 15th the new semester began and with it a new Security Awareness campaign – «StickUp for SafeIT!».

Stick up, meaning to support or stand up for SafeIT and for Security.

This campaign is directed at first-semester students and new employees and provides IT-security and general safety relevant information in a compact and straightforward format.  The information will be distributed on USB-Sticks at student orientation on September 15th with the goal of increasing sensitivity and awareness of security topics.  This format also facilitates the search for information since all security- and safety-related information is in one place.

All documents and links are available on the USB-Stick.  There is also an HTML-Version under and for those who would like to have a copy on their own USB-Stick you can copy the current contents from

Please let us know if you have questions, problems or suggestions.

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