Update to «People Search» Application

The new ETH-Zurich People Search, www.people.ethz.ch, has been in operation since March 11, 2009. The environment has proven stable with short response times even during peak capacity such as during initial launching and ETH-wide notification.

During the initial first 10 days of operation approximately 110,000 queries were executed.
In order to continuously improve People Search the following additions to www.person.ethz.ch have been implemented on 26.3.2009:


Publications catalogue on the details page
On the details page there are links for accessing various publication catalogues so as to help you find any work published by search subject. The link to ETH Zurich Library E-Collection has been redefined to search by author instead of by content, so that only entries with the said person as author will appear.
Included in the publication catalogues of our new version is a link to NEBIS, Network of Libraries and Information Centers in Switzerland.


Note to search by organisation or guide number
The above mode searches for persons that have a direct relationship to the specified organisation or guide number. This excludes any hierarchical search.


Additional directories
On the search page an additional information box, containing supplementary people directories, has been included.


New concept for external telephone numbers shown in Search Result
If the relevant internal telephone number is not available, but a suitable external telephone number is, the latter will be shown.


Search Result views in www.person.ethz.ch and in the WCMS System
(e.g. Phonebook search on the ETH Home Page)
Please notice that if you click on the name of a person in the Search Result view of the WCMS System, no context switch occurs and a single address is shown. In order to view all the information available, the user should click on the person’s name in the newly displayed address, which triggers a switch to the relevant Details view of the People Search application.

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