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I just came back from a week on the Italian island of Ventotene, where I participated in a very nice conference on “Manifolds and groups”. This is of course not my usual topic, and besides giving a minicourse on expanders and coverings (with a focus on geometric applications of expanders having to do with coverings…), […]


Latest adventures

The last two weeks were quite eventful… First I spent four days in China for the conference in honor of N. Katz’s 71st birthday. I was lucky with jetlag and was able to really enjoy this trip, despite its short length. The talks themselves were quite interesting, even if most of them were rather far […]

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Kummer extensions, Hilbert’s Theorem 90 and judicious expansion

This semester, I am teaching “Algebra II” for the first time. After “Algebra I” which covers standard “Groups, rings and fields”, this follow-up is largely Galois theory. In particular, I have to classify cyclic extensions. In the simplest case where is a cyclic extension of degree and contains all -th roots of unity (and is […]

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More conferences

It seems that most of my posts these days are devoted to announcing conferences in which I am involved as organizer… Indeed, there are two coming up this year (actually three, if I count the MSRI summer school): (1) May 14 and 15, we will have the Number Theory Days 2015 at EPF Lausanne; the […]


Our research institute has a nicer logo than yours

Here is the logo of the new Institute for Theoretical Studies of ETH:

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