Positions in Zürich

Now seems a good time for the annual update on the postdoctoral positions at the Mathematics Department at ETH. Basic information, and a link to the online application form is here. While there’s not much to add this year to what I wrote two years ago about these positions, I’ll just say that the fairly confusing ticket machines in the tramway stations are being replaced with newer ones which are much more self-explanatory (and take credit cards in addition to cash)… The first deadline for application is November 22.

While I’m at it, here is a link to the lectureship/postdoc positions at the University of Zürich. In particular, one position there is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation project of Ulrich Derenthal, and is therefore in the direction of arithmetic geometry.

And finally, there are two assistant professor positions (non tenure-track) currently advertised at ETH. One of them is in pure mathematics (deadline December 31), the other in applied mathematics (deadline December 15).