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More conjugation shenanigans

After I wrote my last post on the condition in a group, I had a sudden doubt concerning the case in which this arose: there we assume that we have a coset such that for all . I claimed that this implies , but really the argument I wrote just means that : for all […]

Normalizers everywhere

In working on a paper, I found myself in the amusing but unusual situation of having a group , a subgroup and an element such that This certainly can happen: the two obvious cases are when , or when is an involution that happens to be in the normalizer of . In fact the general […]

All Hail the distinguished achievement professor!

Mr. Quomodocumque is probably too modest to mention it himself, so let me be the first mathematics blogger to congratulate Jordan Ellenberg on becoming a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor! Which hopefully comes with a lot of free time to visit Switzerland…

The many ways of affineness

Last Saturday, the OED Word of the Day was affineur. Now, I know very well what an affineur is (my favorite is Jean d’Alos, and I especially like his renowned Tome de Bordeaux, the excellence of which can probably be confirmed by Mr. Quomodocumque), but for a few seconds I had in mind the picture […]


Here are two forthcoming conferences that I am co-organizing with Philippe Michel this year: (1) Quite soon, the traditional Number Theory Days (the eleventh edition of this yearly two-day meeting that alternates between EPF Zürich and ETH Lausanne), will be held in Zürich on March 7 and 8; the web page is available, with the […]