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Fouvry 60: tableaux d’une conférence

I more or less designated myself as the official photographer of the Fouvry60 conference, and took many pictures, quite a few of which turned out rather well. Certainly, when I view them, I think they give an accurate impression of the atmosphere of the conference. In this post I will just preview a very small [...]

A ternary divisor variation

Here is a sketch of the argument mentioned in the previous post (which arose from the discussions with Étienne Fouvry, Philippe Michel, Paul Nelson, etc, but presentation mistakes are fully mine…). Theorem. We have provided where (1) we put and denote by the expected main term; (2) the parameters are , , the modulus is [...]

Bounded gaps between primes: the dawn of (some) enlightenment

Thanks to the recent conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Zahlentheorie Seminar, and even more as this week’s conference for Fouvry’s 60th Birthday in Marseille, I have been able to talk with a number of people about Zhang’s result on bounded gaps between primes, especially Philippe Michel, Paul Nelson and Étienne Fouvry. All generic [...]

Fouvry 60

We are currently enjoying in Marseille the warmth and delights of a French Mediterranean Bouillabaisse while celebrating analytic number theory and the achievements of É. Fouvry, on the occasion of his 60th birthday. I think everyone who has been in contact with any of his papers has immense respect for his scientific work. All those [...]

Yet another remark on the Friedlander-Iwaniec sum

I just remembered a point I had intended to make concerning the exponential sum of Friedlander and Iwaniec that is crucial in Zhang’s work on gaps between primes, but which slipped my mind. This may present the argument in my note with Fouvry and Michel in a more enlightening way, although it does not simplify [...]