“Jacques Ménard, autor de Nicolás Bourbaki”

When, exactly two years ago, I published my earlier post containing the story of J. Ménard, I was apparently suspected by some people of being the author of that text. I tried for a long time to find the original Spanish version mentioned in the text, whose existence conclusively refutes this assertion (since my understanding of Spanish is, unfortunately, non-existent). After much effort, I have finally succeeded!

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5 thoughts on ““Jacques Ménard, autor de Nicolás Bourbaki””

  1. Curious! This “original” is written in impecable, even Borgesian, Spanish, but the spaces before the closing exclamation and question marks makes me think the author is a French speaker.

      1. @Omar: After noticing the “fácilment” on the very first page of the document and the “comme” on the last one, I had also reached a similar conclusion…

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  2. Prof. H. Andrés(?) H. forgot to insert a “d’après” at the beginning of the line wherein Borges is mentioned, didn’t he?

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    José Hdz.

    1. Well, the first version only said that H.A.H was the translator, but didn’t claim anything about the author.

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