Closer to the action – Helpdesk is moving!

As of Oct.1, 2010, the ITS-Helpdesk will expand its services and be converted into Service Desk based on ITIL.
The «IT Infrastructure Library», ITIL for short, is currently the standard for IT service management. Compared to a help desk, a service desk has a much broader role in the entire IT management structure and the technical help desk is just one element of the overall service desk.

The following services and expanded IT support means we are closer to you, the customer.

Counter service

Personal support will now be available at our desk at HG E 11. In addition to assistance by phone at number 2 77 77, e-mail, or Helpdesk Web-Form, you can now pop in to us, in the main building of ETH Zurich, and obtain immediate help.

Remote Support

Additionally, we also provide remote support. With your permission, we can access your computer by remote access. You can still control the Service Desk’s movements on your computer. As long as you have an active Internet connection, it does not matter whether you are physically at ETH or anywhere else in the world. We can help you as efficiently as if you were at our counter with your computer.

Notebook installation support for students

We are happy to help you with any installation problems concerning ETH services, such as mail client, VPN, or connecting network drive. Students can arrange an appointment and drop off their device at our counter at HG E 11. You are also welcome to arrange a consultation hour. As of Oct. 01 2011, services at Stampfenbachstrasse 69 (STB) will no longer be available.


The newly created Service Desk will replace our long-established Helpdesk and become the operational interface between the ITS and its customers.
Our goal is to provide optimal IT support for the members of a leading university.


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