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Video conferencing: Do it yourself. But better.

ITS Multimedia Services has been offering video conferencing in specially equipped and supervised rooms for many years. These rooms are located both at the “Zentrum” (HG, LEE) and “Hönggerberg” (HCI, HIT) sites. A high-quality service that is used very actively.

However, video conferencing at the workplace is of great importance especially in the scientific community because it can be carried out more quickly and spontaneously. The laptop- and desktop-oriented “do-it-yourself video conferencing” is being used extensively as well. It requires participants to use their own laptops or desktop PCs with integrated or external cameras and microphones and individual software at a workstation or in a conference room. Weiterlesen

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Video Conferencing: Presence, Telepresence and Telepresence Robots

Video conferences have long since progressed from fixed spaces to one’s own workstation and mobile devices. That’s why new devices are aiming to score points with different characteristics: these combine camera and screen in a tablet, sometimes even placed on a movable stand, and therefore enable mobility and allow the user to control them remotely. This means that not only can their position be changed within the conference room, but the perception and representation of absent persons can also be actively influenced. Weiterlesen

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