Swisscom iO for ETH in-house Coverage

According to our ICT-Networks division the new Swisscom iO service is the biggest novelty in the telecommunications market within the last five years.

Swisscom  offers telephony as an app which can be based on any data network. However this alone is not really new since any VoIP  solution already does this today.

The Novelty

What’s really new is that a carrier migrated its entire PSTN (public switched telephone network) to an application. Swisscom iO  – a single app for all your communication. Simple, secure and international.

Benefits for ETH Zurich

For ETH Zurich, this has the following benefit: With a Swisscom mobile number and iO one can receive and make outgoing calls throughout the ETH even in areas that that do not have mobile coverage but where wireless coverage does exist (e.g. HCl, HG).

Additional Information

Several web sites (German) give a good overview of the new Swisscom iO service.

For more details please visit our German blog.




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