VPP moves out of RZ

The merger between Repro and attended VPP stations is becoming more perceptible. Organizationally, the merger already took place on January 1 2012 but the attended VPP station in RZ (RZSPEZ) has only now closed to merge with the reprography centre in HG, under the umbrella of the “ETH printing centre. At the same time the self-service facility for large format and color prints has also been transferred from RZ to the main building HG E40.1. The VPP Development group, which provided technical support during the move and for the accompanying new processes will continue to support the new printing centre in all technical matters.


VPP Development

The ITS group VPP Development has moved at the end of August from RZ to STB. The group includes Rolf Müri (group head), Urs Beckmann, Alain Hägi, Robert Martos, Sarah Windler and Kumara Kossinna. Due to more favorable logistical conditions, Kuma is the only one who remained in RZ, floor D, where he supervises device repairs and delivery of printing material for decentralised printers.

New customer services area

Please note our new customer services areas:

  • from September 2012 in the new ETH printing centre main building (HG) D 48 (head: Rita Chalabi). The printing service and the counter in RZ will be shut down.
  • from September 2012 in the new ETH printing centre at the Hönggerberg campus, HIL building C45 (head: Markus Hany). The counter in HIL C 36 will remain open until all printing equipment is moved in approximately six months.

You can also order all our printing services online from the new webshop (www.druckzentrum.ethz.ch).  Our website has been redesigned and the ordering process simplified. Prices, excluding self-service, are somewhat higher compared to former VPP prices.

Rita Chalabi (Tel: 044/63276 01; chalabi@ethz.ch) and Markus Hany (Tel: 044/633 42 53; mhany@ethz.ch) are available for any questions.


Open Day

Open day in our new printing centre is on Thursday afternoon October 4 2012 in HG D 48.

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