IT Training mutates to «IT Training Administration»

IT Training has been renamed «IT Training Administration».

ITS Service Delivery is responsible for the administration of IT courses. The group «IT Training Administration» administrates, organizes and provides IT courses at ETH without actually having their own permanently employed instructors. The new name, as opposed to the old one, makes this more apparent. There is a growing trend in the use of English designations for IT concepts and IT departments and groups. The new name is therefore consistent with other ITS appellations. An additional deciding factor for choosing an English name was the increasing number of English-only employees at ETH Zurich.



«IT Training Administration» remains responsible for organizing group or individual courses. We would be pleased to welcome you at one of our courses and are available to answer any of your questions.

Our new e-mail address is:

Your ITA Team

Josiane Lutz-Muller – Head ITA
Verena Lippuner, Eveline Blöchliger –  ITA Administration

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