ITS KOM has a new name: ICT-Networks

As of January 1 2012 ITS-Communication has been renamed ICT-Networks.

Ever since the multimedia sector left ITS Communication in 2007 to become a separate division, ITS Multimedia Services, the Communication division has often been confused with ETH Corporate Communications and other internal and external communication organizations. For this reason we have decided to adapt the division name accordingly. The change of name has no effect whatsoever on the division’s substance or responsibilities.

ICT Networks Division

The ICT-Networks division is responsible for the planning, installation and maintenance of all ETH Zurich data and voice networks. This comprises the internal campus networks on the one hand, and the integration of all external locations into the ETH Zurich network on the other, as well as ETH‘s Internet connection. Telephony‘s extensive voice networks are also included. A permanent key issue is the security of data and voice networks and their respective terminals.


  • ITS Network Security (NSG)
  • ITS Data and Voice Communication
  • ITS Network Installation and Planning
  • ITS Network Applications

Division Head Dr. Armin Wittmann

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