ITS-High Performance Computing (ID-HPC) to join CSCS

The ETH Zurich management together with VPPR have decided to change the organisational affiliation of the HPC cluster services (SD-HPC) from the IT Services to the CSCS, the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre run by ETH, starting Sept.1 2010.

Although the group will continue to work from their location in RZ at ETH Zurich, the group manager, Dr. Olivier Byrde, will be reporting to Dominik Ulmer, the General Manager of CSCS, directly. The above move opens up new perspectives both for the group and for ETH high-performance computing that would otherwise not have been possible.

The main rationale behind this decision is the construction of a new CSCS building in Lugano-Cornaredo, the completion of which is expected at the end of 2011. The management of ETH wishes to maximise synergies between the supercomputer operations of CSCS and the HPC cluster services of ETH and take advantage of the large infrastructure capacities offered by the future CSCS building and unavailable at the present Zurich location.

Dr. Olivier Byrde and CSCS intend to build up a new HPC application support organisation at ETH Zurich that will connect CSCS in Lugano with its users in Zurich. Its mission will be to offer local, comprehensive application support to the HPC community at ETH, including cluster and supercomputer users.
In light of the HPC expansions planned for the next few years, this is a great opportunity for Olivier Byrde’s group and for HPC at ETH Zurich.

Special thanks to Olivier Byrde and his team, Tonko, George, Teo, Eric and Adrian, for their wonderful work at the IT Services.

See also our IT brochure at «Documentations, Reports & Publications» «Connecting the Future» – «High-performance computing flexible and efficient», pages 2-3.

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