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Multimedia Services has been an official participant in the Opencast Matterhorn project since July 1 2009. Primary goal of this project is the development of an open source video management system. The first basic easy-to-install version Release 1.0, developed in collaboration with 12 other universities, is now available.

With the establishment of REPLAY four years ago, the ETH Multimedia Services embarked on its initial course of developing a free, open and comprehensive solution for the production, management and distribution of audiovisual content. REPLAY has been in operation at ETH Zurich since fall semester 2009. Under the umbrella of the Opencast Community our experience, techniques and even staff were valuable contributions towards the development of Matterhorn. Participation in this project is seen as an investment in the future of ETH Zurich’s multimedia portal, currently operated by REPLAY.

With the release of Matterhorn version 1.0, our first goal of a simple solution, particularly for smaller colleges, has been achieved. In the coming months, work will concentrate on including extra features that meet the needs of more demanding universities. Summer 2011, when version 2.0 is due to be released, will mark the beginning of the Multimedia Services migration from REPLAY to Matterhorn. We are expecting Matterhorn to take over video management at ETH Zurich by 2012. Thanks to joint collaboration with 12 international partner universities and the establishment of a Community, long-term development in this domain is assured.

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