ETHIS: behind the scenes

ETHIS stands for «ETH Information and Support Portal» and was launched in 2008 as a central platform for IS managers’ administrative tasks by joint initiative of the following five infrastructure divisions: FC, HR, ITS, Real Estate and Rectorate.

The goal is to replace existing shadow and island solutions as well as manual processes by centralizing access (using Single Sign On) for SAP ERP and BW systems via the SAP portal.

Initial components such as interactive fund statements have been in productive use for quite some time while other functions such as BW reporting (FI / HR) and HR workflows have quickly followed suit.

2 years after launching we are as busy as ever. Pohrt, an HR project, is in the midst of rollout and other applications, such as the internal Annual Report (new: AAA – Annual Academic Achievements), were put into production in 2010. As a result of increasing demand and heightened requirements we are dealing with ever greater complexity. For this reason, we are now working on stabilizing existing functions and optimizing overall design for future projects.

ETHIS is currently being used by:

  • 450 (academic) managers
  • 700 administrative assistants
  • 50 specialists (e.g. controllers, special staff)

On the organizational level as well there have been quite a few new developments. During the past few months the ETHIS program, which forms the framework for current projects, has been developed. This month, program director Peter Plötz officially presented the program and announced the project schedule for the next few months. The ITS is responsible for technical operations and also actively participates in the development of ETHIS-applications.

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