Komcenter – the new ITS-Communikation Applikations Portal

In the future, all requests and inquiries for additional installations, configuration changes or troubleshooting for ETH Zurich data or voice networks will automatically be handled via the Komcenter.

We would like to emphasize once again that key parts of Komcenter are accessible to (most) ITS employees and IT Support Group (ISG) members only.

However, www.komcenter.ethz.ch also offers the general public much useful information about the ETH network. This includes flow rate data, information on service provision and specialized technical manuals in a wiki where everyone has the possibility to participate (after login).
Technically savvy ISG members do not have to log in by hand, but can on a large scale pick up their data via Web services automatically and above all, make configuration changes directly. Thus, local management environments (inventory, installation, and configuration) of an infrastructure can be efficiently monitored especially in regard to network connection. Komcenter has been uniformly designed so as to be able to offer such Web services.

However, Komcenter has by far not yet reached its goal. Several large «antiquated» applications such as NETip and NetTool must still be migrated and this will take considerable time. Any user wishing to make requests or suggestions or point out errors can do so in the Komcenter Jira.

Currently, in addition to internal ITS-Communication back-office applications and statistical reports, the first versions of the new IP-Tool, the NAC (Network Access Control) tool and services (= intelligent forms and workflows for general daily support) are activated.

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2 comments on «Komcenter – the new ITS-Communikation Applikations Portal»

  1. Hallo!

    Kann man im bip (IP-Tool) eine Export-Funktion (zB. csv, xlsx, oder auch nur eine txt-Datei) implementieren? Bei 125+ IP Adressen ist’s Mühsam alles abzuschreiben…

    Grüsse, Otte

  2. Hallo Herr Homan
    technisch gesehen ist hier fast alles möglich. Das neue IP-Tool ist wegen knappen Ressourcen immer noch der Beta-Phase (beta-IP).
    Ihr Wünsche oder allfällige Fehler können sie gerne in unserem Bug-Tracking und Release-Managment Jira dokumentieren, so dass wir diese
    Punkte dann für den nächsten Release einschätzen und priorisieren können.
    Link zu Jira: http://www.komcenter.ethz.ch/jira/secure/Dashboard.jspa
    Neuen Vorgang (Issue/Bug/Feature) eröffnen: http://www.komcenter.ethz.ch/jira/secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa

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