ICPC World Finals 46th and 47th Results

On the 19th of April the joint World finals for 46 and 47th edition were held in Luxor, Egypt. It was an unusual World Finals as Covid had postponed previous editions so two were held jointly. ETH Zurich had teams qualify for both, in the 46th edition the team mETHodical was represented by Andrzej Turko, Christopher Burckhardt, Paula Vidas and their coach Bernhard Linn. In the 47th edition the team gETHyped was represented by Theodor Moroianu, Andon Todorov, Marc Dufay and their coach Antti Röyskö.

There were 11 problems given and the two contests shared 5 problems of which they had 5 hours to solve. ETHz team mETHodical made it to the 44th place out of 124 teams in the 46th edition with 6 problems solved, and ETHz team gETHyped made it to the 38th place out of 130 teams in the 47th edition with 5 problems solved. This year Peking University took first place in the 46th edition and National Research University Higher School of Economics took first place in the 47th edition. The coach for mETHodical, Bernhard also achieved 4th place in the ICPC Challenge for Coaches.

Congratulations to the teams!

Benni against tourist!

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