Swiss Subregional 2023-24

Swiss Subregional 2023-24 took place on December 9th at ETH, EPFL and USI. All three top positions within the top 3 were secured by students from ETH, with a total of six students from ETH achieving positions in the top 10. We have added it to Codeforces Gym for future training, more info can be found here.

Johannes maintaining “Balloon Distributor” and Bernhard managing 4 different contests
Konstantin blowing up balloons for “Guess Gauss”
Yuda and Mihnea trying to figure out how Ahmet mapped the seating plan
Balloon Squad continues their work
Bernhard checking if everything runs smoothly after answering every question with “Read the Statement”
Congratulations to Theodor, Paula and MichaƂ for getting into Top 3