ETH CP Contest Results

On May 11th, we organized the largest competitive programming contest in ETH’s history. Over 100 people participated in teams of up to three members. Most teams consisted of ETH CS Bachelor’s and Master’s students, but there were also a few ETH PhD teams.

After the contest ended, we held an Apéro combined with a problem tutorial session, where we presented the solutions to our problems.

Constantin announcing the results after getting API work

Thanks to QuantCo, we had crazy prizes lined up for the top 3 teams and the best ersti team. They also sponsored the snacks&sandwiches during the contest and the Apéro after the contest. Their support was essential for the success of the contest.

Top 20
  • mETHroners (3D Printers + ANC Headphones)
  • Mr Malnars Lethal Peppers (ANC Headphones)
  • uhh this should actually be first place, sorry, system error (ANC Headphones)
  • 2musiketeers (ANC Headphones as the best Ersti Team)

JetBrains sent us vouchers for their merchandise store, and we came up with the following categories to award them.

  • Wrong answer on test 151 for getting first AC in the second minute
  • ML and AC for getting the last AC three minutes prior to the end of the contest
  • one forall for the first AC in Glitchy Language Model
  • börhack for getting AC after 10 unsuccessful attempts on Broken Polybahn
  • Bitwise Bandits for the most number of Mates on the table during contest.

Check out the blog post on Codeforces. You’ll find the problem set and tutorial slides there.

We were around 11 people who worked hard to bring this contest to life. Organizing a competitive programming contest for 100 participants was no easy task. We had to prepare the problem set, manage logistics like arranging food and drinks, reserve a suitable room, get the API to work for the scoreboard and prizes, and handle the printing.

Thanks to all members of CPC who helped for the contest(in alphabetical order): Ahmet, Antti, Benni, Constantin, Jan, Justina, Marc, Mihnea, Oleksandr, Oliver and Sascha.

well-deserved bubble tea after the committee dinner

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