Training Week

We will again hold a training week, 18. – 23. October. The department of Computer Science could again invite World Finals Winner from the St. Petersburg University of IT, Mechanics and Optics (Russia).

This opportunity is open to all students!

This training will start each day @ 09.00. The programme consists mainly of a contest (~5h) and a subsequent discussion, as it was the last times.

Please bring your laptop, as you will code on your machines and we will not be in the student computer rooms.

Here are the rooms:

Mo., 18.10.10, HG F 33.1

Di., 19.10.10, LFW E 15

Mi., 20.10.10, HG E 23

Do., 21.10.10, HG E 23

Fr., 22.10.10, LFW E 15

Sa., 23.10.10, HG E 33.1

In case you don’t know where there rooms are, consult Info

If you intend to attend the trainings, please send an e-mail to, so that we can estimate the number of students.

ETH ACM Local Contest 09.10.2010

The ETH ACM Local Contest took place last Saturday. 17 students participated in the contest.

It was a neck-and-neck race. Congratulations to all the winners:

Vladimir Serbinenko (6 problems), Rajko Nenadov (5 problems), Stephan Kollmann (5 problems), Khaled Hafez (4 problems), Adrian Roos (4 problems) and Josef Ziegler (4 problems).

Many thanks to our sponsor Quatico Solutions AG.