ETH Dethroned SWERC 2023-24

During the last weekend of January, two teams from ETH Z├╝rich, led by coaches Ahmet and Bernhard, participated in the ICPC Southwestern Europe Regional Contest held in Paris. The contest included 108 teams from 65 institutions spanning France, Israel, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

True to the name, the dETHroners(Theodor, Paula, and Michal) dethroned the SWERC, achieving the gold medal and first place with 11 solved problems. This marked a historic moment for ETH, as our last first-place finish was 13 years ago.

doublETHink(Jasmin, Chris, and Ema) solved 8 problems and narrowly missed the bronze medal due to a slight time penalty.

Besides, doublETHink were the first team to solve the problem J, while dETHroners accomplished the same feat for problem G.

This performance qualified the dETHroners for the upcoming ICPC European Championship in Prague this March and the World Finals in Astana this September.

1 hour and 36 minutes to the end, the race for the second place heats up
Final Standings

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