Innovative collaboration between the Department of Biology and the IT Services

In spring 2009, D-BIOL, commissioned by its head and with the support of the Vice President for Planning and Resources and the IT Services, developed a new IT concept.

D-BIOL faces major challenges regarding its IT environment. In the future, IT requirements for research will greatly increase, thus placing strategic importance on the efficient and effective use of the former. Already today, D-BIOL is an important ITS customer, especially for storage.
The result of this concept, which will be progressively implemented starting from 1.1.2010, comprises the following main points:

  • All equipment and support of the workplace environment (commodities) will in the future be provided by the IT Services. The resulting synergy will be utilized to increase efficiency.
  • The IT Services will provide a dedicated service delivery manager, who’s office will be located at D-BIOL, and who will head the local support organization.
  • The department itself will focus more heavily on strategic ICT projects in education and research, with the ITS as a solid infrastructure provider.
  • A new IT Governance Panel has been established for the governance of strategic projects. The ITS service delivery manager will participate at these meetings as a guest.

On January 1st 2010, Anatoliy Holinger, who has worked for several years in the ITS communications department, became the new service delivery manager based at Hönggerberg. Initially he is directly accountable to the director of IT Services.  

The ITS and the department D-BIOL are convinced that this type of collaboration has the potential to develop into something very positive and beneficial for ETH.

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