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Despite everything, there is something to be said for the internet. Just a few days ago, I wanted to reference the work of Bagchi, who provided the probabilistic interpretation of Voronin’s Universality Theorem for the Riemann zeta function. However, the original was unpublished, and one of the few papers of Bagchi on this topic pointedly indicated that he had removed most probabilistic considerations (why? if it was at the request of a referee, I can only sigh). But fortunately, lo and behold, the original thesis (from 1981) can be found in a very decent scan from the Indian Statistical Institute!

Update (November 1, 2016): it seems that the web site of the library of the Indian Statistical Institute has been reorganized, and I can’t locate the PDF file of Bagchi’s Thesis anymore (sigh… maybe the internet has drawbacks after all.) Anyone looking for a copy can send me an email, and I’ll be happy to forward the PDF that I saved.

Second Update (July 20, 2017): the PDF is once more accessible here.

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  1. Do you mind me asking in which context you were interested in his thesis?

    1. I just wanted a reference emphasizing the probabilistic aspect, and none of the more recent sources I know do it with the desired emphasis.

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