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A few years ago, I read somewhere the following line

The baker can not (or does not?) testify to his own dough,

in a context suggesting strongly that it was a fairly classical quote (possibly of Talmudic origin?) but without more identification. Since Google does not provide much help in this case, does anyone recognize it? (A blank “Yes” is not a suitable answer).

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  1. No problem. Glad to put my ultra-orthodox education to good use :)

  2. This is some sort of adaptation of a phrase from Genesis Midrash Raba (some sort of extra commentary over Genesis, related to the Mishna/Talmud and so on) –

    You can see the exact phrase here –
    In the last line of the left page and on the upper right page. I don’t know how much it is readable for people who don’t read Hebrew (the text I found is itself in English). It is basically dealing with Noah’s arc story.

  3. There is a related saying already in the Bible (Proverb) “Let others praise you and not your own
    mouth.” )יההללך זר ולא פיך
    The Proverb saying can be regarded as a recommendation/instruction while the later statement about the baker is stated as an assertion
    so the translation is “the baker does not testify to his own dough.” אין הנחתום מעיד על עיסתו

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