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Some recent and upcoming publications, which will be a good opportunity to exercise the unnumbered list HTML tag…

  • The journal Mathematika, which is very well-known at least among analytic number theorists, and which had almost no internet presence (and a rather haphazard publication schedule) until very recently, is now distributed online and on paper by Cambridge, which also promises that its archives will become available soon. Since this is where many of the foundational papers and applications of the large sieve — including Bombieri’s groundbreaking paper where he proves his version of the Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem — were published (due to the influence of Davenport, certainly), I am particularly happy…
  • The long-awaited book of Friedlander and Iwaniec on sieve methods is announced by the A.M.S, for a May publication date.
  • Also upcoming from the A.M.S, in March, is a book of essays and surveys of Poincaré’s work in Mathematics and his influence. This is an English translation of a French book. It contains in particular a (short) chapter on Poincaré et la théorie analytique des nombres that I wrote. The English translation is not mine; in fact, my initial reaction on receiving the English text (for checking and proofreading) was a very strong dislike, and even (almost) rejection! Somehow, the fact that I hadn’t written those words, and yet I was supposed to be the author of that chapter, had a very surprising psychological effect on me. This reaction passed, though only after I produced my own translation for my own satisfaction, and — of course — realized it was much of a muchness compared with the other one. But I can now understand much better the extreme problems that may occur in literary translation, and I sympathize with the ambivalent feelings that may arise then among authors. I also wonder if my friend W. Appel reacted equally deeply to my own English translation of his mathematics textbook for physicists

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  1. I am very happy to be an author of the very first paper in the very first available-online issue of Mathematika!

  2. Yes I saw that!
    By the way, did you have inside information that the journal would rise from the dead? I had thought about submitting various papers there over the years, but the sloth-like speed was always discouraging…

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