Local Contest 2013 Results

Local Contest 2013
Local Contest 2013

The ETH VIS ACM Local Contest 2013 is over and the best of the best have been crowned. We again organized the contest together with our sisters from EPFL, who turned out to be fierce competitors. In total, 34 people competed (21 from ETH). The problem set was very well balanced at the top, with Nikola Djokic coming in first by solving 8 out of the 9 tasks! Raziman Thottungal Valapu from EPFL came in second with 7 solved tasks and Daniel Graf finished third with 6 solved tasks. The official results can be found here:

Congratulations to our winners: The first official ETH team consisting of Nikola Djokic, Daniel Graf and Johannes Kapfhammer as well as our second team consisting of Kieran Nirkko, Jan Dörrie und Marco Keller. They will defend ETH’s honor at the Regionals in Valencia and hopefully make us proud!

Thanks to our sponsor Quatico Solutions AG we could again enjoy an awesome apero after the contest.

A visual summary of the contest and the apero can be found here: Pictures.