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About computers and their multifarious uses.

P. vs. NP and all that

The coming Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, A. Wigderson will be in Zürich to give the yearly Pauli Lectures, with a general title of “The computational lens”. It seems to be the best possible time to share the following insight from one of my family’s Minecraft sessions…


One of the nicest things about Linux (and Open Source software in general) is that new versions often offer clear measurable improvements on the previous ones. And another is that this does not usually require abandoning whatever might have been worth keeping from other computer-ages. In particular, if one has very old software, there’s a […]


I have a weakness for programming languages. Given the time and opportunity, I would gladly learn a new one every few months, and apart from TeX (in its programming language guise) and Perl, which I both abhor because of their atrocious syntax, I usually find something to like in all languages. I have even composed […]

Inkscape and LaTeX

I’m a great fan of the open-source vector-drawing software Inkscape. Although I don’t have that many figures in my papers (or notes), I’ve found it quite accessible and easy to use to produce high-quality results. And just yesterday, as I wanted to add a picture to my notes on expander graphs, I learnt of a […]


On my page of notes and unpublished writings I’ve just added a very old preprint of Ph. Michel and me, after realizing yesterday that I wanted to point out something in it (that was never actually published) to a student, but that I couldn’t locate the TeX file for it anywhere. Fortunately, Philippe had a […]