The rights of frogs of toads

How more considerate of our amphibian cousins can you get?

(Translation: “Amphibian migration / Obere Geerenstrasse / From the beginning of Mars to the end of Mars / 18:00 afternoon to 06:30 morning / Inaccessible”)

For an additional Swiss note, the next panel, which unfortunately I couldn’t photograph in the same frame, was a reminder that their is a votation this Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “The rights of frogs of toads”

  1. I walk my dog in a nature preserve that we unfortunately also have to share with joggers who run through paying attention to nothing but their heart monitors and ear buds. There’s a wide path that frogs and turtles have to cross in order to get from the little swamp to the lake. Last summer we found many dead frogs on that path, crushed into the hard dirt and dried to the point that the only thing left of them were mere outlines of their bodies in the dusty dirt. In that same spot at another time we stood there to warn the joggers of a small turtle crossing until it had made it to the other side of the path. On a nearby road quite a few turtles are crushed every year by car tires. I once stopped my car to help one cross the road and found that they are easy to pick up and aren’t slimy at all. (Always move them in the direction that they were heading when you found them.)

  2. It was long time ago, but it seems like yesterday: I was 5-6 years old kid and we were walking along the road which was densely covered by crushed frogs. Maybe a few hundred meters were covered with corpses. It was probably migration time, poor creatures could have been looking for mates, so they were crossing the road and thousands were killed. Nobody paid any attention. It had a great emotional effect, I wanted to stop the cars, and I think I almost wanted to kill the drivers.

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