Gecko hand signals

I was today at the Zürich Zoo (once more) and was lucky to capture a picture showing a gecko apparently signaling to one of its congeners which was only a few inches away.:

Since I was looking at the camera with a fairly high zoom, I didn’t see how (or if) the other gecko reacted to this “signal”. (Of course, it may not have been a signal at all; I can’t find any Google reference about hand signals in geckos, though I’ve seen documentaries showing similar behavior in certain species of frogs).

(This picture is the most interesting of about twenty I took of those two geckos; it is an instance of anti-Murphy behavior — or should it be co-Murphy? –, since it is also by far the sharpest of all the pictures).

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  1. I have seen this behavior by both frogs and geckos in the David Attenborough documentary series Life in Cold Blood… found your blog looking for a video of the geckos, nice picture

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