Random matrices, L-functions and primes

This could be the title of a book, of a research paper, but it is really (for the current purpose) the name of the conference that Ashkan Nikeghbali (from Universität Zürich) and myself are organizing in late October — from October 27 to October 31, to be precise –, thanks to the support of the Forschungsintitut für Mathematik from ETH Zürich.

Despite the late announcement, this has been in preparation for a few months already, but we are both not always the most efficient among organizers. However, there is at last some kind of web page, although for the moment it is not really more informative than the poster that will soon be printed and distributed everywhere (click for full-size picture):

Poster for the conference

The chameleon in the picture, in case you are wondering, is one specimen from the Zürich rainforest. It has no special meaning apart from that.

(The following

Alternate poster for the conference

almost became the poster, but it was finally decided that the other one was more memorable).

We hope that this conference will be an occasion to further the links between probability theory and number theory, in particular through the three topics of the title.

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