On Murphy’s law…

Welcome to the second version of my first blog. The first version turned out to be quite ephemeral since the ETH blog database failed on Friday in some way, leading to its utter destruction. Hopefully this one will last longer, and at least I will try to backup more carefully (by chance, I didn’t lose anything, but that’s only because I had an open window with all the content at work…)

Anyway, here’s what I said in the first post of the first blog:
Before writing a “real” post, I will just point out my home page at ETH, and in particular the list of papers and preprints, where I have recently added two articles, which I will probably describe later on:

(1) An explicit integral polynomial whose splitting field has Galois group W(E8), (joint work with F. Jouve and D. Zywina) which does pretty much what the title says…

(2) The large sieve, monodromy and zeta functions of algebraic curves, II: independence of the zeros, where the issue of relations between zeros of L-functions is investigated in the case of finite fields, with the help of sieve methods and the Riemann Hypothesis of Deligne.

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I am a professor of mathematics at ETH Zürich since 2008.

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