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I just came back from a week on the Italian island of Ventotene, where I participated in a very nice conference on “Manifolds and groups”. This is of course not my usual topic, and besides giving a minicourse on expanders and coverings (with a focus on geometric applications of expanders having to do with coverings…), […]


Littlewood on real functions

Speaking of MSRI, I was there for two weeks last month for a summer school on analytic number theory and gaps between primes (co-organized with D. Koukoulopoulos, J. Maynard and K. Soundararajan; the videos are already available online, as well as the exercise sheets prepared by the two TAs, Z. Brady and B. Löffel.) And […]

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MSRI Analytic Number Theory Semester in 2017

As already indicated by T. Tao on his blog, there will be a semester-length program on analytic number theory from january to june 2017 at MSRI, co-organized with C. David, A. Granville, Ph. Michel, K. Soundararajan. The mathjobs page for applying to the semester is now open (until December 1; because, apparently, of NSF data-gathering […]


Latest adventures

The last two weeks were quite eventful… First I spent four days in China for the conference in honor of N. Katz’s 71st birthday. I was lucky with jetlag and was able to really enjoy this trip, despite its short length. The talks themselves were quite interesting, even if most of them were rather far […]

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New versions, new bugs

Ph. Michel found the first bug in the new version of Kloostermania: when entering a modulus for a sum from the menu, there was no check that it is prime (or adjustment to make it so). This is now corrected in version 1.01, to be found in the usual place. As another bonus feature, a […]


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