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Chicheley Hall meeting


Just after the end of the semester last week, I went to a short meeting organized by J. Keating, Z. Rudnick and T. Wooley, in the stately English house of Chicheley Hall,


where the Royal Society has a conference center. This was quite a fun occasion, and not only because the curtains had one the most interesting decorative pattern I have seen during years of extensive study:


The talks were only 30 minutes long; because of this and the absence of blackboards, they were all beamer talks, and I’ve uploaded my slides here. They might be useful even for participants in the meeting, since I only had time to cover the first 60% or so of what I had planned, which was a survey of my most recent work with É. Fouvry and Ph. Michel (available here, and which I hope to discuss in more detail in a later post)…

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June 6th, 2014 at 8:40 pm

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  1. Did you channel your inner entomologist to determine what the decorative pattern was supposed to represent?


    6 Jun 14 at 21:29     Reply

  2. Some kind of flea, but is it a generic, platonic idea of a flea, or a specific species? Who knows…


    7 Jun 14 at 10:44     Reply

  3. My local expert suggests that it is a bed-bug. I hope you didn’t wake up during the conference feeling itchy…


    9 Jun 14 at 2:59     Reply

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