Update on representation theory notes

After a long hiatus, I have just put up online an updated version of my lecture notes on representation theory. The delay was psychologically interesting: after a long period where I added material more or less in the order I wanted it to appear in the text, I started in June to proceed in much more chaotic (or random?) manner, with an explanation of the Larsen alternative for unitary groups coming before the Peter-Weyl theorem, and so son. Inly in the last few days did the text regain at least some coherence. (In particular, it took me a long time to finally sit up and write an account of the Peter-Weyl theorem that I felt to be at least somewhat motivated.)

There are still things missing before the notes contain all that I’d like, in particular at least a few pages of survey concerning the representation theory of some locally compact, non compact, groups. There are still a few weeks before the beginning of the new semester, however, and hopefully I will have time to do some work on this part in the coming weeks…

As usual, any remarks or corrections will be very appreciated!

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