Bourbaki report update

I have uploaded a corrected version of my Bourbaki report on sieve in expansion (in particular, after hesitating, I have chosen the title “Sieve in expansion” instead of “Sieve and expansion”). And I have pretty much cornered the market for French surveys on sieve and expanders by translating the report in French (Crible en expansion) ; this is the version that will appear in Astérisque in a year or so. (Of course, both will remain available from my web page also).

As before, corrections, linguistic or mathematical, are welcome — I still have about a month before submitting the text for the final version, and there will be a proof stage later on.

And I will be happy to give away translation rights to any other language, including Espéranto (and Klingon)…

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I am a professor of mathematics at ETH Zürich since 2008.

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    1. The SMF site would be my only guess, and they don’t sieve to have the list before volume 180 or so. Usually any volume contains at least a list of the previous ones.

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