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This is rather off-topic, but maybe not all owners of WordPress-hosted blogs are aware of it: since a few days, the mobile version of their sites (which displays when accessed from a phone, or at least from an Android one) displays a small ad-widget by default. I’ve noticed this on Vieux Girondin, Quomodocumque, What’s New, T.Gowers’s blog, etc… Here’s what it looks like:

If this is not the desired behavior (and some of the ads I’ve seen might not be what the owners like to be associated with; the one above is not the worst…) it is probably easy to disable the plugin in charge of the mobile theme (but I can’t check; although my own blog is WordPress-powered, it is hosted at ETH and doesn’t have this plugin).
Also, unfortunately, I don’t know how to check the mobile version from a desktop or laptop computer (presumably one needs to tell the browser to pretend to be a mobile version, but I’ve never learnt how to do that…).

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  1. As I’m part of a blog at WordPress.com, I looked into this. Apparently, there are sometimes ads even on the non-mobile site, but if you’re logged in (which is probably the case if you’ve posted a comment recently), then you don’t see the ads. But you’re probably not logged in from your mobile device , and hence you see the ads. One can also pay US$30/year so that no ads ever appear on ones blog. (Having a browser pretend to be another is call “User Agent switching”. There’s an extension for Firefox of the same name, and then you can have it claim to be an iPhone, etc.)

  2. That’s interesting… I’m pretty sure the ads weren’t there on the mobile site until two or three days ago (it is true that I’ve never, as far as I remember, made a comment from my phone). So maybe they are just putting the mobile experience in line with the desktop one…

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