For anyone who has an interest in sieve methods, I would like to point out that my new book


is now available from Cambridge University Press (and fairly extensive preview is found on Google books)…  In fact, I’ve just received my first copy.

Of course, even before it appeared (but too late to incorporate the changes), I had found a few typos and mistakes, so a list of corrections is necessary and available; it will be updated as needed.

If you’re not quite sure if you are interested in sieve, I suggest a short look at this guest post on T. Tao’s blog (as well as Tao’s own discussion of the parity problem, though the latter is concerned with the so-called “small” sieves, which have a distinct flavor compared with the “large” sieve which I consider in the book).

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I am a professor of mathematics at ETH Zürich since 2008.

2 thoughts on “Book”

  1. Hello, it looks like a nice book even thought I’m not a specialist, well done. I have two questions.

    1) how do you feel about the book being previewed on google? (Did the CUP editors put it there after asking your permission? How does that work?)

    2) a very naive sieve question: have you ever looked at some funny sequences on the OEIS with your big sieve theoretical backgroung, for example the sequence A100002?

    Thanks for any answer.

  2. For (1), I think CUP does that with all its books; it’s very convenient, and I certainly don’t mind (I wouldn’t mind if the whole book was available). There may be a mention of that in the contract, but I don’t remember exactly.

    (2) No, I haven’t looked at this sequence or similar ones…

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