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For some reason, filling the MSC codes for my papers always feels a bit of a chore; I often have the impression that none of the headings really correspond to what I’ve done, and I’ve found in the past that looking for the right one in a PDF version of the classification is not very efficient. But the tiddlywiki version of the new 2010 classification promises to make things easier: it’s a single HTML file which, through some javascript magic, can be used to dig inside in outliner fashion (expand/unexpand), and which — once downloaded and stored locally — can be freely annotated. Moreover, I can even do that on my android phone and explore the minutiae of the classification during my tramway rides…

But I already noticed that I’ll probably continue feeling perplexed when selecting MSC numbers: for instance, there does not seem to be any item that fits the topic of expander graphs… It seems one has to use an unsatisfactory mixture of 05C40 (“Combinatorics : Graph theory : Connectivity”) and 05C50 (“Combinatorics : Graph Theory : Graphs and linear algebra (matrices, eigenvalues, etc.)”). I’m sure that if I (or anyone else) had pointed this out during the process that ended with the current version of MSC 2010, this would have been corrected, but it is now probably too late until the next revision…

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  1. Completely off topic, when is Iwaniec and Friedlander’s Opera de Cribro going to come out? It was originally supposed to be released May 15, but that has come and gone. The AMS page says July 30, but I don’t believe them. =D

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