Update WordPress MU 2.6.5 –> WordPress 3.0.1

Currently we are heavily testing the new version 3.0.1 of our WordPress blog system. If the tests are successful, we plan to update on October 4.

The update schedule within the next days:

  1. 27. September 2010: A copy of the whole blogs.ethz.ch installation will be done which will be accessible on blogt.ethz.ch. We will then perform the update procedure on blogt.ethz.ch.
  2. 27. September 2010: All Weblog-owners will receive a mail asking them to test their updated blog(s) on blogt.ethz.ch. Please report immediately any issues to us regarding the update.
  3. 4. October 2010: We will update the productive instance blogs.ethz.ch to WordPress 3.0.1 if we don’t face any serve issues during the test week. While the update procedure is going on, blogs.ethz.ch will be offline the whole day

If we should have to change the schedule, we would inform you with a new posting on this weblog.

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