Why should I use a weblog?

A blog or weblog is a sort of web-based diary, which can be written by one or more people in a simple way.

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Application Scenarios

Weblogs as research tools

Let your students collect interesting information and links to a subject which they publish in a course weblog. Other students review the posts by using the comment function. in this way, you can crosslink your course to relevant information on the internet.
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Group work organisation

Student groups can organize their work in a group weblog, where the status of single tasks is documented and open questions can be posted and commented on by others. Moreover, a weblog can help to introduce the members of the team, to assign responsibilities, to announce meetings, and to attach minutes and results of discussions.
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Internship experiences or field reports

In many degree programs, students are away from campus for short periods for internships or field work, sometimes in foreign countries. A weblog can help both to reflect on and to preserve valuable experiences and discoveries and to stay in contact with teachers and fellow students on campus.
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Writing for the public

Let students convey what they have learnt in your course to an uneducated public. The comment function can be used by the public for feedback. Alternatively, students can write for the students in another related class.
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