Create a Blog

Start your web log now!

All ETH staff members or students may create blogs.

This can be done by following these three steps:

  1. Click the Log in link on the top right corner of the page and enter your ETH username and ETH password for web applications (AAI, LDAP).
  2. Go to your Profile page.
  3. Find the Create Blog section on the page. In the field enter a name for your blog. The blog name should contain only letters and digits and should not contain any blank spaces. In the Blog title field enter a title for your blog. Click Update Profile.

Your blog is now ready for you to begin publishing. Corporate Communications offers tips on dealing with the topic of social media.

By applying for a blog you accept the user policy of the ETH Weblog Service:

The operators of the ETH Weblog Service preserves the right to immediately delete blogs, contents or comments that,

  • are against the ETH Zurich Acceptable Use Policy for Telematics Resources (“BOT“) and Appendix or the ETH Zurich Social Media Guidelines
  • use URLs and/or blog titles, from a higher ETH echelon. Examples for this:…,,…,…, etc.