Blog Service is fully operational

During last night and this morning we received several legitimate emails regarding the “true” operating status of our weblog service. Here a summary of the frequently asked questions and their answers:

  • Are really all data and changes between 19 December 2007 and 01 February 2008 definitely lost and could not be recovered?
    Up to our present knowledge, they are lost and not recoverable. We are really sorry about this.
  • Although rather unlikely, if there would be a chance in the near future to salvage some of the lost data, what would happen to our blogs?
    In this case, we would contact the blog owners individually and ask if and how they would like to get the data back into their blogs. Anyhow, this would be an individual action per blog and would not alter the weblog service as a whole.
  • Is it now safe to post new entries, comments, start new blogs, etc?
    Yes, the weblog service is again fully operational since midnight. The faulty backup procedure has been corrected and works fine.

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