Who is behind the ETH Weblog Service?

The ETH Weblog Service is a joint project of the ID-Basisdienste and the NET office. The main project members are:

  • Yves Serrano, ETH Theme, User Support, ID-Basisdienste.
  • Peter Bircher, System Engineering & Design, ID-Basisdienste.
  • Swen Vermeul, nethz Integration,  ID-Basisdienste.
  • Dr. Matteo Corti, LDAP Integration, ID-Basisdienste.
  • Pit Meurer, a wizard from the Blogosphere, NET freelancer.
  • Julia Kehl, Help pages, NET.
  • Dr. Thomas Piendl, co-project leader, NET.
  • Roland Dietlicher, co-project leader, ID-Basisdienste.

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