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Logo_Frédérickx-2Question Bank Project (innovedum)

A brief account

900 questions for 15 physiology topics, designed by students
4 quizzes per topic in moodle


Usage (Summer Exam 2013)

  • 150 students took quizzes
  • 5000 quizzes were solved (approx. 100’000 questions were answered)
  • ~33 quizzes solved per student

You can find more numbers and further info in the project report.


No obvious correlation could be seen between grades and frequency. (No analysis had been done between grades and quiz performance.)

Students’ Feedback

  • Question bank had low relevance to exam questions
  • Quality of questions – the more the students used the pool, the better they rated the questions
  • Students would appreciate question banks for further topics/areas

Status Quo

Up to now, after the exam this year (Summer 2014), more than 9’000 quizzes have been solved.


Spin-off project

Exercise physiology question bank

  • 320 questions designed by students
  • All revised by Prof. Ch. Spengler (ETHZ)
  • 14 (resp. 28) quizzes
  • Only students that provided questions had access to the revised questions.


Usage was similar to the Physiology question bank. Again we do not have a correlation between how often they used the quizzes and their grade but…

…how well they performed in the quizzes was a reliable indicator of how well they performed in the exam.

Formative assessments are therefore helpful for students as their learning progress is made apparent. (Here is the report.)


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