Deactivate avahi daemon

I have updated my Ubuntu Gnome to version 16.10. Since then I get annoyed by the “printer detection system”. In the notification bar, a notification appeared about a newly detected printer. It even was added to the Printer list and couldn’t be removed in the CUPS administration menu (http://localhost:631)

After some search, I’ve found that the responsible service is the avahi-daemon (which also crashed periodically). The avahi daemon gets started on boot time and is hard to stop. On my machine (Ubuntu Gnome 16.10, Kernel 4.8.0-26-generic), the following command worked out well:

sudo systemctl disable avahi-daemon.service

Since then, I haven’t seen any notification about new printer nor seen any side effects.

Thanks to Stackexchange,

More infos about the SystemD and the old SysV system are found on