Bluetooth Headset

I have bought a nice bluetooth headset, the Philips SHB 3060.
I installed it on Fedora 23 and it worked like a charm.
However, on Ubuntu Gnome 15.10, I was getting frustrated. In the settings Audio -> Test i only could had the option Mono. Listening to music sounded horrible.

So, somehow there was either e problem on Gnome 3.16 or in the configuration of Debian/Ubuntu.
Lukely, I found a link and I did what was descripted in the troubleshooting section*

I copy the part, in case the page no longer exists ( (c) to Small adaptions are made to match to my configuration


Bluetooth headset is connected, but ALSA/PulseAudio fails to pick up the connected device or there’s no device to pick. This happens because GDM captures A2DP sink on session start, as GDM needs pulseaudio in the gdm session for accessibility. For example, the screen reader requires it.

In order to prevent GDM from capturing the A2DP sink on session start, edit /var/lib/gdm/.config/pulse/client.conf (or create it, if it doesn’t exist):

autospawn = no
daemon-binary = /bin/true

After that you have to grant access to this file to Debian-gdm user:

# chown gdm:gdm /var/lib/gdm/.config/pulse/client.conf

In order to auto-connect a2dp for some devices, add this to /etc/pulse/

load-module module-switch-on-connect


*I also installed blueman, no idea whether that might had helped