Plugin test

WordPress has some nice plugins

One is the WP Latex plugin, which allows to use some latex.

P_{lm}\left(\xi\right) = \left(1-\xi^2 \right)^{m/2} \frac{d^m}{d\xi^m} \frac{1}{2^l l!} \frac{d^l}{d\xi^l} \left(\xi^2-1\right)^l


A further one is the WP Syntax.

    public class Hello {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello World!");

Moved to WordPress

Now, here I am, moving to WordPress.
Having used several different CMS including pluck (ceased development) and drupal (only v6 possible on n.ethz) I try word press and hopefully will have better experiences and less manual maintenance (ooh, drupal, I won’t miss your periodic appearing security bugs).

But I want to keep the freedom to customize my theme, which seemed to be provided. So, go on WordPress, surprise me!