Hoplitis mitis granadae

Based on a single female, Tkalcu (1984a) described a new subspecies of Hoplitis mitis from the Sierra Nevada (Spain), i.e. H. m. granadae. Due to several remarkable differences, Tkalcu hypothesized that the new subspecies might possibly even represent a new species. Recently, the hitherto unknown male of H. m. granadae was found in osmiine bee material collected at 3200m a.s.l. at the southern slope of Pico Mulhacen in the Sierra Nevada by G. Losapio. Comparison of the males of H. m. granadae with those of the nominate subspecies generally revealed close morphological resemblance. However, as the morphological differences between the females of H. m. granadae and the nominate subspecies as stated by Tkalcu could be confirmed, the subspecific rank of the disjunct southern Spanish population of H. mitis appears to be well justified.

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