Osmia tergestensis and O. rhodoensis

Warncke (1988b) recognised two subspecies of Osmia (Tergosmia) tergestensis, i.e. O. t. tergestensis occurring in south eastern Europe and O. t. ononidis distributed in northern Africa, southwestern Europe and Turkey. The investigation of a large material of O. tergestensis from its entire distribution range, which extends from northwestern Africa over southern Europe to Turkey and the Near East, revealed no clear morphological gaps nor consistent patterns with respect to e.g. colour of pilosity or density of tergal punctation between different populations. Similarly, Osmia (Tergosmia) rhodoensis arquata and O. r. ferina are newly treated as synonymous with O. rhodoensis. The characters given by Warncke (1988b) to distinguish these two subspecies from the nominotypical subspecies, such as colour of pilosity, density of clypeal and tergal punctation or development of male sternal swellings, do not seem to be consistent within populations or strong enough to justify subspecific rank.

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